A polycarbonate window material noted for superior stability, and glass like transparency.  Makrolon has a UVR inhibiting shield to prevent UV degradation.  Excellent choice for rigid windows.

Care Instructions

General Cleaning:

  • Thoroughly pre-rinse with warm water to loosen and wash away surface material, grit and grime.
  • Using a soft microfiber cloth or moist non-abrasive sponge, gently wash with a mild diluted soap or detergent.
  • Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm clean water. To prevent water spots, thoroughly dry the glazing with a dry soft cloth.

Compatible Cleaners

The following cleaning agents are compatible with Makrolon Polycarbonate Sheet products when used
according to the manufacturer’s recommendations:

• Top Job, Joy®
• Palmolive Liquid®
• Windex® Ammonia free

[Top Job and Joy are registered trademarks of Proctor & Gamble, Palmolive is a registered trademark of
Colgate Palmolive, Windex is a registered trademark of Drackett Products Company]


Points to Remember

  • Do not use abrasive cleaners.
  • Do not use high alkaline cleaners (high pH or ammoniated).
  • Do not leave cleaners sitting on polycarbonate for periods of time; wash off immediately.
  • Do not apply cleaners under direct sunlight or at elevated temperatures.
  • Do not clean your polycarbonate with any unapproved cleaners. When in doubt, seek guidance.
  • Using scrapers, squeegees, razors or other sharp instruments may permanently scratch your polycarbonate.
  • Always avoid dry rubbing/cleaning your polycarbonate, as sand and dust particles clinging to the exteriorof the glazing may scratch its surface.
  • An Anti-Static Canned-Air Ionizer can reduce electrostatic charge buildup on polycarbonate, consequently reducing dirt and dust buildup that would hinder cleaning.

Special Note:

The edges of your polycarbonate sheet are not protected with an abrasion and chemical resistance hard
coating. Do not allow cleaning solutions and solvents to pool along the edges for any length of time.
Always rinse edges thoroughly with generous amounts of lukewarm clean water.
Removing scratches from Makrolon polycarbonate sheet/window
Deep scratches and gouges made by sharp objects such as keys, screwdrivers, and knives cannot be
repaired. Fine scratches may be reduced in severity or cosmetically hidden by using a buffing compound
such as NOVUS 2 Plastic Fine Scratch Remover, followed by a cleaning and polishing agent like NOVUS 1.
However, for abrasion resistant coated products such as Makrolon AR, Makrolon 15 and Makrolon FC,
buffing their abrasion resistant coated surface is not recommended because doing so further damages the coating and these scratched sites worsen the condition. Once removed, the coating cannot be repaired and buffing sites may optically distort the window.